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Working directly with Tara is a way to get personalized support for your journey or project.

Adults need sanctuary too! Classes, tarot readings and individualized coaching offer personalized support for your journey. At Artemis Pack, we believe that a holistic approach to wellbeing is essential and that strengthening our connections is wildly nurturing. The services here are for individuals and groups. If you are looking for something you don’t see, or have a question, feel free to contact us. We welcome opportunities to share what we’ve learned through our programs, and to get involved in new places with new people.


Examples of past collaborations include:

Healthy Friendships

A workshop series with St. Mary’s After School program

Healthy friendships are an important source of support and emotional well-being. But how do you cultivate them? How do you recognize and avoid the pitfalls of unhealthy friendships? In these four week workshops, Tara Rubinstein of Red Seeds will help kids explore their friendships and build new skills.  Boys and girls will have separate workshops to address the common issues that arise in their gender-alike friendships.

Various workshops with Middle School Friends:

A collaborative teaching partnership with Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (Quakers) 


In this teaching partnership, Tara creates workshops tailored to the themes of each weekend-long mini camp for Quaker youth. Tara works closely with MSF facilitators and program coordinators to make fun, hands-on workshops that engage 6th–8th grade participants. Past topics have included: 

  • Gender Spectogram!

  • Sexuality 101

  • Loving the earth where you live

  • Consent and then some

Take Back the Rite:

A rites of passage approach to resisting rape culture

A workshop presented at Beyond Gender Based Violence Retreat at Pendle Hill, July 2018


This three-day conference explored 

  • the context of gender-based violence

  • roots of gender-based violence in other systems of oppression, with a focus on race

  • Pathways of healing and skill building 


Tara’s presentation in this conference focused on the liberatory role of creating new rituals, and ways that parents can engage rape culture outside of a fear-based narrative.

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