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Pack Leaders


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The Pack Leader program offers training and mentorship to future group leaders who would like to start an Artemis Pack chapter where you live. This is your chance to create a safe space for the girls and non-binary kids in your life to grow and thrive. A space where kids can be authentic with their feelings, thoughts and questions. A place to laugh, have fun and be creative. A place to build community and healthy friendships. A radical, witchy, bold, social-justice and earth-loving space that makes their eyes sparkle.  Girls and non-binary kids need this kind of space. And they need amazing adults like you to help make it happen. 


Pack leaders who complete the training program will have ongoing support in launching and leading an Artemis Pack chapter in your local area. You will have access to curriculum resources, administrative support, and mentorship for your role with kids and their families. Becoming a Pack Leader does not mean you’ll be following a rigid step-by-step curriculum or that we’ll tell you what to do in every meeting. We welcome your individual gifts and skills as an essential part of a truly responsive program. This is a partnership opportunity where your passion and our expertise come together to create an amazing group for girls and non-binary kids.


With the Wolves

With the Wolves is a prerequisite for Pack Leaders. This immersive 5-part program creates a foundation of shared knowledge that informs our work with the Artemis Pack. We believe in the value of going on a journey together. Your participation in With the Wolves allows us to get to know each other, build a relationship and, most importantly, share in the kind of intimate group experience we will be offering to girls and non-binary kids. Future pack leaders can choose to attend the retreats in Philadelphia, or participate in the live online version of the program.


You can read more about With the Wolves here.

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