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Artemis Pack is a rites of passage program for kids who identify as girls or non-binary. We are a unique mix of witchy intersectional feminism, social justice and earth-based wisdom. In Artemis Pack, girls and non-binary kids learn to listen to their intuition and celebrate their wild, authentic selves.


We know that girls and non-binary kids face unique challenges in school and in life that can prevent them from building meaningful friendships, loving their bodies and taking leadership roles. Artemis Pack provides a sanctuary that nurtures and inspires, so that they are ready to take on the world.

Through seasonal celebration, song, storytelling and exploration of powerful female and gender non-conforming archetypes, Artemis Pack reminds girls and non-binary kids that there are a million ways to stand clear in their truth! It's a place to celebrate and laugh, a place to bring heartache about life or the state of the world, a place to become comfortable with their changing bodies. It is a place where magic happens.

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More About Artemis Pack

Who can join?

Ages: Elementary school chapters include 3rd–4th graders or 3rd–5th graders. If your child is 8 years old or older at the start of the school year, but in a non traditional grade/ homeschoolers, contact us to talk about which chapter is the best fit. Middle school chapters combine 5th–7th graders or 6th–8th graders. Early middle grades (particularly 5th grade) have so much variation in physical, emotional and social maturity. Contact us if you have questions about which chapter (age range) is the best fit for your child. High school chapters are in the works! Contact us here if you have an 8th–11th grader who is interested in joining a new chapter. Gender: Artemis Pack enthusiastically welcomes all girls and non-binary kids. We welcome cis and trans girls, trans boys, gender non-conforming girls and anyone who feels aligned with our group magic. We are trans affirming, and believe there is no one way to be a girl, to be in girls’ space, or to be a part of girl community. We also welcome boys into Artemis Pack on a case by case basis.

Gathering Schedule

During the school year, Artemis Pack meets once a month for girls and non-binary kids in the elementary grades, and twice a month in middle school grades. Each gathering is two hours.

Cost / Financial Model

The Artemis Pack is an extraordinary program where girls access unique support and empowerment. We are entirely funded by your financial contributions. Our commitment to keeping the groups small and the quality high means that this program is not as low cost as other youth programs. But we promise, it's worth it. Your generosity helps us be generous and keep the cycle of abundance flowing. Participation fees are based on local economies and number of meetings per month, so contact us to find out about your area. There are a limited number of full and partial scholarships available that prioritize Black, Indigenous, People of Color, Transgender and Non-binary participants. To find out more about our current chapters, head to our registration page.


Back in the ‘90’s when I (Tara) was a teenager, I participated in a magical group for girls called “The Diana Circle.” Artemis Pack is based on the incredible experiences I had in that group, which gave me a foundation in feminism, anti-racism, love for the earth and an understanding of wisdom traditions from around the world. Diana Circle provided a sanctuary for me that helped me stay true to myself through some very difficult years. I moved to Philadelphia in 2003 with a plan to become a high school teacher. I got a degree from Temple University, and a teaching license, but something in my heart led me down a non-traditional path. Instead of working in a classroom, I went into the non-profit sector. For 10 years I had the great pleasure of creating and supervising amazing, out-of-the-box programs including things like drag performance, mythology and magic, undoing racism, body-positive sex-ed, youth leadership, high school internships and radical history. But I never found anything like Diana Circle, and I saw that there was still a need. So, with permission from my mentor, ShuNahSii, I started a group here. In 2020, I renamed our program “The Artemis Pack.” Over the past five years, our little group has grown and evolved from the original six girls into a vibrant community with multiple chapters. We are creating a model that is unique and distinct to what we’ve learned and put into practice here in Philadelphia. I love Artemis Pack because it really does what we set out to do - creating a safe space for girls and non-binary kids to grow and thrive. As we step into the future together, we’re excited to share this model with girls and non-binary kids everywhere.




"Artemis Pack is different from other after school groups because we learn about goddesses!"


Age 12


"In Artemis Pack we talk about real world problems, and help each other get through things."

Age 12

"Artemis Pack is different than other groups because you can have your own opinions, and people will respect you for that."


Age 11 ½

"I like the small group size because it makes me feel safer to share. And I like the songs!"


Age 11


"Artemis pack is different than other groups because it’s trans inclusive!"

Almost 11

"My favorite part of Artemis Pack is the strong community we have together. It feels like a safe space to talk about ANYTHING, from crushes to puberty to whatever makes us laugh."


Age 11

"Artemis Pack helps girls grow up by giving us a new perspective on a lot of things. It helps us feel/know that there are a lot of ways to be “normal.” You will be safe and loved and supported here!"


Age 11


"Artemis pack helps girls love themselves just the way they are."

Age 12


"In Artemis pack we connect with the earth and the world around us. It’s a safe place where you can share your feelings and form close bonds with each other "

Age 12

"Tara teaches us that feeling awkward gets in the way of learning for a lot of girls. So we get comfortable with feeling awkward!"


Almost 11


"Thanks to Artemis Pack, there’s nothing I don’t know about periods."

Age 11

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