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Head over to the events page to see what’s coming up next, get more details on current offerings and register for our next session! You can also receive emails with registration information by signing up for our mailing list.



  • A map of Artemis School of Magic + Mystery, and the forest that surrounds it

  • Potion-making supplies for our week on the magic of plants and herbs

  • Stickers and star charts for our week on astrology

  • Moon stone and other crystals for our crystal energy grid

  • An oracle deck of cards that will help you interpret your visions

Participants receive a box of materials at the beginning of each session, including things like:

You are about to embark on an adventure of exploring magical arts. And while there is a lot to learn, the very fact that you found us means you already know some important things about yourself and your gifts. You feel the energy of nature. You hear the songs and the stories of water, trees and the moon. You know that there is more to this world than meets the eye.

Artemis Pack Online is a lot like Hogwarts! You’ll learn about the goddess Artemis, her animal companions, and the magic of wild and untamed forests. Like Hogwarts, Artemis School for Magic & Mystery has  "houses", teachers, and lots of different magical subjects to learn.

Building Magical Community

In addition to spells, stories, songs and hands-on activities, Artemis Pack Online is a place to cultivate community in small groups. This time of friendship-building, mentorship, and space to share deeply from the heart is essential to the magic. And we know from experience that is a big part of what kids love the most about our programs.


“My daughter is LOVING Artemis School! I’m almost in tears seeing her actually experience joy for the first time in so many months.”

“I wanted to let you know we got the materials box. I’ve never seen my child so excited...thank you!”

“Artemis School has been a great outlet for our daughter. The group focus on nature and magic is something she really loves.”

“I love how Artemis School continues to support my daughter’s love of herself and exploration of who she is and what she feels.”

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