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Artemis Pack is a magical sanctuary. We are a unique mix of witchy intersectional feminism, social justice and earth-based wisdom. In Artemis Pack, participants learn to listen to their intuition and celebrate their wild, authentic selves.

We offer programs online and in-person, for youth and adults. To learn more about what’s coming up next, check our events page. Or, head to the program pages where you can read more in-depth information.

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About Tara Rubinstein, Director

Artemis Pack would not exist today without the help, support and influence of ShuNahSii Rose. When I (Tara) was 13 years old, I found my way to a tiny group for girls called “The Diana Circle.” ShuNahSii created the group to be a safe space for girls. We learned about goddesses, ritual, feminist history, world culture and so many of the topics that we now explore in Artemis Pack. I continued to work closely with ShuNahSii for 25 years, studying with her adult community, and serving in a leadership position in her organization for many years. In 2003, I moved to Philadelphia where I attended Temple University and received a degree in secondary education. But I never pursued a traditional classroom role. From 2006–2016, I dedicated myself to a career in the non-profit sector with youth-serving agencies. I had the joy and privilege in those positions to create and/or supervise some really out-of-the-box programs that supported LGBTQ identity, drag performance, spirituality, anti-racism, mythology and magic, community building, sexual wellness and body positivity. I launched the first tiny chapter of Artemis Pack in 2016. Six girls and non-binary kids met with me once a month, in my livingroom. Some of them are still with Artemis Pack! But we have grown since then...grown up in years and expanded in size. I LOVE my work. I love getting to know young people. I love making magic and ritual together. I love laughing and telling stories and geeking out about the things we love. You being here means I get to be here too. So thank you!

Artemis Pack Philosophy

Magic is the human ability to picture something and, with intention and willpower, bring that vision to life. Imagination is the gift that allows us to sense/see/feel/experience the great, interconnected, web of creation. Kids are drawn to magic because they feel the great world of the unseen. Artemis Pack helps cultivate that awareness while finding joy in the creative possibilities magic contains. Nature-honoring spirituality sees the complex beauty and harmony of the natural world as our greatest teacher. At this critical time on the planet, we must learn how to find our place in the great fabric of creation. There is spirit in all of life. There is so much to be grateful for. There is abundance all around us if we shift our gaze, and open our hearts. And, as we develop this love affair with the natural world, Earth-honoring spirituality also asks us to pick up the torch of stewardship and advocacy. The bottom line is this: it is important that each of us heal the hurt places we carry, and find empowerment to live our lives to the fullest. But we don’t do magic for ourselves alone, with the intention to just get rich, find love, land our dream job, or any other particular dream seed we nourish. Earth based spirituality takes us a few steps further, asking us to heal and find empowerment so that we can share our gifts and be of service during this lifetime, to ensure future generations, human and non-human, may also live in abundance and wellbeing. Womxn’s Wisdom traditions look to the ancient past and non-patriarchal traditions world-wide for the roots of womxn-honoring spirituality. We’re talking about The Great Goddess here, in all her forms, as well as a culture that reveres womxn’s bodies and the inherent wisdom we possess. Reclaiming the female aspects of spirit (aka, goddess cosmology) is still radical, and in my own life has been a necessary part of finding a spiritual path that resonates with my lived experiences. I use *womxn* instead of “women” to go beyond the limits of binary gender and include a wide spectrum of cis, trans and non-binary womxn.
Racial Justice and Trans Inclusion are critical components of a spiritual worldview that seeks to heal and repair colonialism, racism and gender based violence. This means listening to native and indigenous communities and following their current leadership. It means being accountable on issues of cultural appropriation and the exploitation of indigenous peoples and communities. It means awareness of systemic oppression and racism in this country. It means seeking and celebrating the brilliance of radical black, poc and indigenous feminisms. Trans inclusion asks us to stretch beyond the comfort zone of what we have been taught about “being a woman” - biologically, or socially. Trans inclusion means seeing the harm done by patriarchy when it insists that there are only two genders. Racial justice and trans inclusion in my work means that our sisterhood is not about being comfortable. It’s about including the widest umbrella and standing together to shape a better and more loving world.

Statement from Director, Tara Rubinstein

I have a commitment to my own lifelong work of seeing and addressing racism and transphobia in myself and the spaces I’m a part of. This is a commitment to listen and be accountable when I stumble or cause harm. I believe this is a time on the planet where we need to heal divisions and work together in new ways. But to do that takes a great undoing of the systems, beliefs, habits and values that have shaped the culture we live in. This is the work I want to be a part of.

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